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Can I teach Myself Search Engine Optimisation?

The answer is 'yes' and you will find our SEO Resources a valuable library of information.

However, the search engine sector is complex and confusing to the uninitiated, with alliances and mergers constantly changing the landscape. If you do not stay abreast of these changes, your search engine strategy is likely to fail. Perhaps even worse, search engines do carry out regular and detailed audits, and outmoded practices are likely to get you into trouble. It is possible to find your site has been removed for inadvertent 'spamming' and it may prove difficult to get back into favour with an important search engine.

If you do not wish to use the services of an experienced and reputable search engine optimisation company, we would highly recommend that you learn to achieve success with your web site from two of the industry's top leaders, Robin Nobles and John Alexander. Previously, this meant you needed to travel to Canada or the US but now Marie Coggin of Prosper Marketing Ltd presents their Workshop with a UK focus along with Sally Kavanagh of Masthead Publicity Ltd. The first ran from 20th to 22nd April 2004 at the London Novotel West in Hammersmith, London. Since then, we have run several Search Engine Workshops, the most recent being on 8th-10th March 2005. Click here for future dates and full details of the agenda for the UK London Search Engine Workshop.

What are Search Engine Workshops?

These are workshops for beginners and advanced search engine marketeers tailored to meet YOUR specific needs whether you are looking after your own site or working with clients' sites.

A Workshop that offers:
  • Step by step, hands-on instruction delivered to you personally by Marie Coggin and Sally Kavanagh under licence to industry leaders Robin Nobles and John Alexander.
  • Ongoing support for a full six months.
  • A complete arsenal of Start-Up Tools providing tremendous value at no cost to you.
  • Sessions specially geared to the UK search engine environment.

Full details regarding the 3 Day Workshop including the agenda and tuition fees are available at Search Engine Workshops. You can register online or telephone if you have a question about the Workshop.

Can you afford to miss this great opportunity? If you can, your competitors may not!

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