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Resources for Search Engine Optimisation

Here is a list of resources that we recommend for those who wish to understand more about search engine marketing. We are constantly adding to this list and only recommend resources that we actually have used, or are using, ourselves.

The World Resource Center is a networking community for search engine marketeers designed to provide the tools and support you need to have a successful online business. Subscription costs only $129.00 for six months.

These online courses enable you to learn from experienced professionals such as Robin Nobles, John Alexander, Rhoda Schueller, Bill Gentry, Amy Ma, Natalia Kim and more who have a combined 35 plus years of experience working with the search engines. The courses include all of the in-depth information recently taught through the Academy of Web Specialists.

These are workshops for beginners and advanced search engine marketeers tailored to meet YOUR specific needs whether you are looking after your own site or working with clients' sites. Robin Nobles and John Alexander are coming to London to deliver their first UK workshop in February 2004.

Probably the best newsletter in the search engine market world. Subscribe for 6 months for only $97 in order to keep up to date with the constantly changing search engine landscape.

Another great resource for the latest news about the search engines. Learn about search engine optimisation, link popularity, pay per click, search engine submissions, and more. You can also subscribe to their free newsletter.

More up-to-date news about the search engine market featuring renowned search engine expert Danny Sullivan.

Alcander is a local company specialising in web promotion and customer retention. They send out a fortnightly newsletter available through a free subscription. As they have been kind enough to feature articles from Prosper Marketing, we are happy to provide a link to their very resourceful site.

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