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  A UK Search Engine Optimisation Company
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UK Search Engine Optimisation by Prosper Marketing Ltd

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO and how we do it

Our UK search engine optimisation service is offered to clients whether you need to have a web site built or instead need to increase your current site's prominence on the web in order to gain more visitors/enquiries/sales.

Do we sell packages?

No! Experience has taught us to adapt our strategies according to our individual clients' needs. Each individual client's web site and online market is unique. For example, the strategy for a B2B client will be different to that of a B2C. We will need you to educate us about your business so that we can develop a customised marketing approach that suits your business. Along the way, as you educate us, you in turn will become better educated in the field of internet marketing.

Where do we start?

If you already have an existing web site, we will firstly analyse it as to its current state of 'search engine friendliness'. We will check out your current rankings in comparison to those of your competitors and we will observe the online behaviour of surfers looking for your products and/or services.

But keywords are the most important things,
aren't they?

Well, yes and no! Did you know that the keyword meta-tag that webmasters have been obsessing over for years is pretty much redundant these days?

However, we will conduct extensive keyword phrase research so that we can advise on the most popular search terms for your industry allied to the number of web sites competing for those terms and position you accordingly.

What then?

Based upon our findings, our customised approach might comprise some (but not necessarily all) of the following strategies:

  • Composing search engine friendly editorial for insertion into the meta-tags on your web site.
  • Recommendation of further 'on theme' pages based on the keyword research and surfers' behaviour.
  • Construction of a search engine friendly site map.
  • Recommending or providing hosting/detailed statistical reporting to track where your visitors are coming from.
  • Manual search engine and directory submissions based upon your target market (UK, Europe or worldwide).
  • Possible recommendation of pay per click (PPC) campaigns.
  • A customised programme to improve your both your link popularity and relevancy.
Whatever the strategy we advise, you may be assured that we will strictly follow the guidelines as stated by Google themselves - www.google.co.uk/webmasters/guidelines.html

No trickery, no hidden text - we simply work with you in order to present your site to the engines in such a way that they will deem you to have sufficient content, quality and relevancy in order to reward you with a high ranking.

And the rewards are high as you will from what some of our clients are saying about our search engine optimisation service.

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