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‘If you can't be found, why bother?’
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Who are Prosper Marketing?

Established as a UK search engine optimisation company in 1999, Prosper Marketing works closely with clients to maximise their online web presence in order to increase relevant visitors, enquiries and sales. A lot has changed since 1999 and we pride ourselves on keeping up with the very latest information in the ever-changing world of the internet and search engines.

Are you ranking in the Top 10-30 matches
under strategic keyword phrases?

If you are not, you could be missing opportunities to increase traffic and revenue. Research shows that:

85% of web users rely on search engines to locate information
95% of visitors come from the Top 10-30 matches

However, beware of the myths perpetuated about
search engine optimisation!

Consider whether you think the following statements are true or false:

A top ranking in a major search engine will result in a flood of visitors!
This is likely to be false unless you are very lucky! Rank highly for a term that nobody is searching on and you'll have few or no visitors.
This is why we put so much emphasis on thoroughly researching your online target market and potential visitor behaviour at the outset so that we can identify those strategic keyword phrases that will deliver the visitors. If our research shows the potential visitors aren't there, we will tell you; we do not believe in wasting our time and your money. Remember, a top ten ranking means nothing without visitors!

SEO is a way of tricking
the search engines!

This can be true and trickery such as hidden text (same colour font as background) and keyword stuffing may deliver top rankings and visitors in the short term. Not surprisingly, search engines do not like attempts to trick them and are continually on the look out to penalise anyone who uses these techniques so really the answer is false. Don't ask us to employ trickery because we won't. In fact, we won't do anything that knowingly contravenes the guidelines set out by the search engines themselves. We will only employ ethical means that ensure the long term success of our clients and our relationship with them. See Our Search Engine Optimisation Services for more information on our approach.

A search engine optimisation company
can guarantee Top Ten Rankings!

False, unless an SEO company is bidding for top ten rankings in a pay per bid engine. Only the search engine themselves could offer such a guarantee and they certainly don't.

However, results based upon visitors/sales/enquiries are what are important. We don't make false promises but we certainly have clients who are willing to testify how we've made a huge difference to them. Take a little time to read our Case Studies and see how we'll be able to contribute towards your online success.

Prosper Marketing Ltd - a UK
Search Engine Optimisation Company

'If you can't be found, why bother?'

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